One step further in tax saving! Registering your business card on Hometax (credit, debit)

Card payment records used for business purposes can be used as materials for deduction of purchase taxes and reflection of expenses, which can be helpful for tax saving.

Up to 50 business cards can be registered on the Korea Tax Service website.

💡Things to know when registering a corporate credit card!

Once you register the card on the Korea Tax Service website, you can check the monthly usage history of the business card for individual entrepreneurs.

Usage history can be checked from the 15th of the following month after registration, and from the month in which the card was registered.

If you have lost or reissued your card, please register it again.

Registrable Cards
Non-registrable Cards
Credit cards, check cards, named prepaid cards (only local currency and gift cards) in the name of the representative or the company Family cards, gift cards, debit cards, rechargeable prepaid cards, department store exclusive cards

💡How to register a corporate credit card on the Korea Tax Service website?

After logging in to the Korea Tax Service website, click [Inquiry / Issuance] - [Cash Receipt] - [Corporate Credit Card] - [Register Corporate Credit Card].

Go to Korea Tax Service website

Read the agreement for providing personal credit information and check ✔️ [Agree].

Select your card issuer, enter your card number and mobile phone number, and click [Register].

Note that it may not be registered due to reasons such as identification mismatch, so be sure to check if it has been successfully registered on the 15th of the folslowing month after registering the card.🙂

You can also register using the same menu on the Korea Tax Service mobile app called SonTax 😊.

If you have not registered yet or want to check past records before registering, you can solve it through the link below!

Download credit card data easily